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Name : The Gentlewoman

Date of Premiere Issue : Spring Summer 2010

Editor-in-Chief/Founder : Penny Martin / Jop van Bennekom & Gert Jonkers
Creative Director : Jop van Bennekom
Additional : Fashion Director - Jonathan Kaye
Publisher : Gert Jonkers & Jop van Bennekom for Top Publishers BV

Frequency : Bi-Annual
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Website :

Contributed by : Magnus Åkesson | Fantastic Man



It's fun to reel off the numerous iconic women who have amazed and empowered generations with their intelligence and glamour. The beautiful and indomitable the Germaine Greer, perhaps, or the incomparable Poison Ivy, wielding her guitar in "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" Or maybe gun-toting Patty Hearst, Janet Jackson, Shiaparelli, Helen Gurley-Brown and the wonderful Olga Korbut? Yet fetishising and endlessly focusing on the past only indulges the belief that previous generations have a monopoly on feminine power and style or an appetite for change. A far more interesting question is undoubtedly: who are the women of the future?

The Gentlewoman welcomes you to a new decade of inspirational, international women: stylish, intrepid and often hilarious ones. Remarkable subjects: contemporaries (not celebrities) who are setting new agendas, solving new problems and forming new opinions. The following pages are packed with women who live extraordinary lives. They are represented in enquiring, intimate journalistic encounters and portraits that reflect women as they actually look, sound and dress. Plus fabulous photo shoots and detailed wardrobe studies that give equal weight to luxury garments and personal style - a mix of high fashion and personal politics; combining public faces with private insights.

Elegantly side-stepping the passive and cynical cool of recent decades, The Gentlewoman champions the optimism, sincerity and ingenuity that actually get things done. These are the upbeat and pragmatic qualities defining gentlewomen of today.

The Gentlewoman delights equally in discovering new, surprising characters and in reminding us of the ones who have been quietly being brilliant for years. A substantial, biannual magazine about - and for - exceptional individuals, The Gentlewoman sets its sights on the fantastic women of the modern age.


Penny Martin, Editor in Chief

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